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Forth & Clyde Canal - at Falkirk Wheel
Forth & Clyde Canal – at Falkirk Wheel

I’ve enjoyed more than 35 years as a professional photographer, living in the Stirlingshire area of Scotland’s central belt, and this website has been created to show my present and future work, with a slight nod to my past. My portfolio consists, mainly, of Model, Commercial and Wedding photography, however,  I look forward to featuring more travel and other interesting work in the near future.

Image of an ultra wide angle view of the Falkirk Wheel area
Ultra wide angle view of the Falkirk Wheel area

The entire website is being completely overhauled, and many more camera and software reviews, as well as my ongoing professional work, will begin to appear here and also on my forthcoming YouTube Channel. Many test and “How to” features, as well as  4k videos, will also feature heavily in the content featured on these pages. Some of my old photographic work will also feature, but this will be in a separate archive section.

I tend to take a lot of flora and fauna shots when I’m hiking, so look forward to seeing many macro shots. I’ll also be busy with some astro-photography, so looking forward to that too.

Wedding Photography image by James N. Gillan
Wedding Photography by James N. Gillan

I hope you will all enjoy the new look, and I look forward to interacting with many of you through these pages, and on the YouTube channel.

For the technically minded, photography geeks out there, and I know there’s a few of you-) All the pictures on the site are Straight Out Of The Camera jpg’s. I come from the era of film, and I do my ‘editing’ in the camera!

Happy photo taking, and till next time, thank you for reading this far.

James N. Gillan – Photographer

Fuji XH-1 camera through the Fujinon XF 35MM f2 len
I love taking random flower shots, it cheers me up when I’m hiking. Love the colours here. Taken with the Fuji XH-1 camera through the Fujinon XF 35MM f2 lens, at f2.

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